Resource Calendar System

This is the BFTV Cluster Resource Calendar System.

Resources such as meeting rooms, gathering areas, laptops and projectors are available for reservation through this system. The spaces are to be used to advance the mission of the departments, as well as the sensory group, in the areas of outreach, research and education. Please read the resource Policy statement available during the reservation process. As requestor of the resource, you or your delegate will be responsible for any requirements stated in the resource Policy statement.

Reservations are pending until approved by the calendar administrator. If you have any questions please use the "Contact Calendar Support" link in the navigation area.

To access the BFTV Cluster Resource Scheduling System, please login using your Campus ID and passphrase.

Please Note: The Resource Calendar System will work best if you use one browser window into the Calendar at a time.

The RCS - Getting Started

The BFTV Resource Calendar System (RCS) is a web-based scheduling tool. The RCS supports multiple departments or groups with assigned approvers and administrators. All campus students, staff amd faculty have access to the system.

The RCS is accessed by secure login using the campus ID and passphrase combination. Anyone possessing a valid campus ID and passphrase is potentially a requestor for the BFTV RCS. Workflow within the system travels from requestor to approver using the RCS email capability. Reservations are initiated by requestors and approved by approvers. Both requestors and approvers are notified of status changes in the life cycle of a reservation request.

The BFTV RCS supports daily, weekly, every other week and monthly repeating events. Requestors may cancel their own pending and approved requests. If you have any problems or comments, please use the "Contact Calendar Support" link in the navigation panel to let us know.